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Mister Wombat  is not just another film production company.

It is a label, a lifestyle, a decision to create, develop and deliver unique heart-moving content.

Therefore we work with highly talented writers, directors, producers and many more in general called artists - or as we call them: Wombats.

Once a wombat said:

"It is difficult to make a shitty movie out of a brilliant screenplay but it is much more difficult to make a good movie out of a shitty screenplay."


Follow the lifestyle and become part of the mob.


            | Tobias Gerginov


               Maximilian Becht


In 2018 Tobias Gerginov and Maximilian Becht founded MISTER WOMBAT after studying film production at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, the origin of their creative network. 


Tobias is a series mastermind and has experience in VFX, animation, documentary and fiction with a big heart for mesmerizing thrillers.  He combines his doctor-eskes skills on the organs of your screenplay with his sensitivity to ask exactly the one question to get you back on track with your story.  

Maximilian is a producer and writer with interest in niches and subcultures to create the next big Adventure on screen. If he is struck by a story he will move mountains to create a unique visual and intellectual  challenging experience.

MISTER WOMBAT is based in Berlin, Germany.

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